Morning has broken.

This is how you cut trees and move them….handy, dandy tree snipper.


The herd heading to a new fall pasture.

Pastures are well maintained.

Spring Turn Out

Check out the video of one of our spring turn outs.


Sitter Downs Horse Boarding offers over 100 acres of cross fenced pastures during the “grazing season”. Our grazing season usually runs from March/April until October/November depending on rainfall per year. Using a rotational grazing program the herd is rotated through 7 different sections of pasture. Each section is meticulously maintained by not being overgrazed, are reseeded, fertilized, and by having leftover grass and manure piles mowed/dragged after each grazing period.

The herd winters on a 12 acre dry lot where hay is fed twice a day, or up to 3 times a day weather depending.

This is how our pastures are laid out.


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