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Sitter Downs Horse Boarding, LLC
11623 S Drinkwater Rd
Lone Jack, MO 64070

Cell:      816-726-4831, 816-786-5460, 816-547-9508
E-mail:  [email protected]
E-mail:  [email protected]

George, Retha, Michael & Kelly invite you to board your horse(s) with us.
  • 100 acres of pasture; all cross-fenced.
  • Horses are rotated to a different pasture. 
  • Pastures are fertilized yearly. 
  • Board is the same charge each month.
  • Tack and grain room available.
  • We deworm on a regular basis.
  • Stalls are available for horses that are injured or ill.

Boarding Requirements/Info Needed:

Current Coggins Test 
Have they had their yearly shots?
When was the horse last dewormed?

We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. 
Thanks to everyone who has supported us!
2014 Update:  Our new barn has been delivered.

Barn Delivered 2014
Horses turned out to another pasture.

Due to the spam we receive, please include the word "BOARDING" 
in the subject line of your e-mail.  Thank You.

DR BOC OR DR HERTZOG, 816-524-0464


Monthly Board (Current Charge)

Deworming (Current Charge)
Stalls for ill horses

$225.00 (per horse - no discounts)
   20.00 late fee added after the 10th
   10.00 per day

NOTE:  We ask that we be given a 30-day notification if you decide to move your horse. If the horse is moved during the month or moved to a facility for temporary training, we will not refund anymonies to you. If the horse is sold during the month, we will not refund any monies to you.

Board is due on the 1st of the month. If not paid within 10 days from the due date, a 

$20 late fee will be added for each horse.

Have problems getting on your horse, check out our mounting block!!!  
Check out the round pen, 6 ft tall, 50x50 ft!
Check out the equine chiropractor visit!
Check out the equine dentist visit!

General Information
  • Erosion Control:   2 to 3 times a year, Geo puts old hay down the "alley way" for erosion control. It is not an easy task. 
  • Spring vaccinations (5-way shot), regular deworming (rotating schedule), eye care, hoof care/abscesses, applying medicine and shots at a minimal cost to you.
  • Mineral (Perma-Guard added - fly control) vitamin supplements, and salt blocks are provided.
  • All pastures are brush hogged, dragged, reseeded, sprayed for weeds and fertilized. 
    Horses are rotated. For details on pasture, see our pasture link.

    Have you ever noticed that many horse facilities do not "drag" their pastures? Is that healthy for your horse to eat around all of their own manure? It definitely helps when you drag your pastures, fields, lots.
  • The horses are put on a winter dry lot in the fall. Hay is fed 1 to 3 times per day (depending on weather) and it is fed differently (hay bunks) – much healthier for the herd. Check out the hay bunks at "The Extras". We do not feed like many other facilities, placing a big bale out in a bale ring.

    Horses will waste alot of hay plus the hay is out in the weather. MOLDED HAY is not good for a horse; can cause lung issues and heaves. Some hay is thrown on the ground. The horses are usually turned out in the pastures in April (depends on the weather and time fertilizer is applied).


This product is excellent for healing cuts and easy to use. George doctored a mare that had a severe cut on her hock; the owner had spent over $2,000 on vet bills. The proud flesh kept coming back. She brought the mare to him. The mare healed up. We wish we would have taken pictures of her injury. This unique medicine has made us a believer. We have it in stock. Our charge is $30 per bottle (includes baking powder).


We have been using Perma-Guard and have found it very effective against ticks, fleas and  flies.  We are currently feeding it to all of the horses by adding it to their mineral. When it is ingested it passes through the intestines and is deposited in the stool. When flies land on the stool or lay eggs, it lacerates the body of the flies and kills the larvae. Dust your barn and pets; kills ticks and fleas. 

If fed individually, add a cup of Perma-Guard to 2 lbs. of feed. The "official" directions are 2% of dry weight, or 1 cup daily. This regimen should allow your animal to become worm and parasite free. As the product is all natural, if per chance they are overfed, they will either not eat it, or eat it and pass it out. Which is one of the benefits of the product anyway. When they pass it out in their droppings, it kills the flies, or other insects that land on it. You can also use the product as a "dusting" mechanism by applying it to the animal directly and also dust your stalls/barn. It can be applied wet by mixing 1 or more cups of powder with water and applying by a pump sprayer (ensure you shake the sprayer frequently). Using this method, the powder will not be effective until it dries. 

It can be used in your yard, garden and on your flowers. Any insect that comes in contact, even for a split second, will die. It works by lacerating the exoskeleton and the insect dehydrates to death.


                   Come join us!