Wayne's Equine Tack Trunks
I am a retired Industrial Arts Teacher. QUALITY is important to me!


Xmas present
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End of year show winner!

Unifinished Walnut Stain
The trunks are made out of birch, 31.5 x 17.5 by 19.5 high. Each trunk has lift
out drawers. They are on a raised platform (skids about 1"). 

Unfinished Price:  $280
Finished Price:  Starts at $370, varies, depends on the stain, hardware, etc.

Call Wayne Allen, 816-720-3070 or Bill Thompson, 816-560-7254.

Excellent show trunks.         Handy

Darker walnut stain.       Easy to move about.

We have been in the boarding business 22 years.