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We keep our boarders up-to-date on what's going on!

A comment about our facility.
I am so excited to see an active barn where so many people ride!

We also have an "out the gate" group e-mail that we notify
our boarders, neighbors and boarders from other boarding
facilities around the park that we e-mail out when we have
an organized ride.  Out the gate means we will be riding
out the gate at Sitter Downs exactly this day/time.

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Pictures of another chiropractor visit in September 2011
Dr Huenefeld, Adrian, MO, 816-297-2006
We put up our own hay! The only way to rake hay! Just about ready to bale.

Setting out the old hay.Spreading out the hay.

Erosion ControlAlley way before. Alley way after.
Jan had her spring bath. I didn't mean to lay down in the creek; please forgive me. Oh no your not getting put back in the pasture, we are riding.
Held at Windmill Arena, CenterView, MO. 
Jan decided to have a festive fun time! Marla and Jewell.... Micaiah, Jan & Bobbie
Suicide Race:
Christine & Rusty
Kelly & Allie
Rusty & Micaiah
Dizzy Bat Race:
Broomstick Polo &
Pick-up Race:
Christine & Micaiah
Madi & Kelly
Chiropractor visit, no doubt, all horses felt better.
Dr Huenefeld, Adrian, MO, 816-297-2006
Apollo...I feel so much better. Acupuncture, only way to go.
Boone cracked like popcorn....he has to feel better. Bandit didn't have any back issues, but his hocks were sore.
Cody, I'm 16 yrs old, time to have my back adjusted. Jasper was not a happy camper, he was out everywhere.

Round Pen

We have had 2 round pens.  One was a solid
oak wood wall, 6ft, eventually went to wood heaven; the other was made out of the green panels.  No go, they simply aren't strong enough. 

These are Powder River panels.

Kelly is doing her happy dance! The pen is going to be a great addition.
This horse wanted to pull away from you. This horse has an interesting extended trot. He is getting smarter.
Our sand pile. Early morning chore. Sand definitely wears them out quicker.
The horses are on a regular deworming/rotating schedule,
at a minimal cost to you
Mojo, wasn't sure about the apple taste. Catching a few. Waiting their turn.
A fall setting.
Isn't this a pretty fall picture?
Fall riding - kodak moment...
Lauren & Beth Christine & Risk
2010 - Lone Jack Parade - 16 riders - check out the other pictures!
We decided Red T-shirts, black lettering.
The trailer guy! The fearless leader!
The drag riders! Madison & Bella Sandra & Micaiah - the mother and daughter team.
Joan & Alex - another mother and daughter team. Diane & Bandit Danielle & Tucker
Debbie & Mark Laura & Tie Heidi & Scout
Bobbie & Cody Claire & Marsha Time to style.
This is what happens when you decide
to go under a limb in the creek
and your horse(s) are tooooooooooo tall!!!!
We ride in the rain too!
I still love ya!!!! We are still grinning!!! Oh, what the heck, it was fun riding in the rain!
Another 50x60 Quonset Hut was built.  All hay is stored inside!
Over 6000 bolts. Not an easy task! We had 14 people helping.
Some of the girls participated in the ACTHA Ride at Hillsdale Lake.
Bucket and Kelly on the trails. The girls having fun. Micaiah and Kashar.
Spring fertilizer, haircut and bath.
Off he goes into the wild, blue yonder - fertilizing. 2010 Spring hair cut - good mare - stood like a rock - she is for sale!!!!! Tucker liked the bath!!!!
The day before spring, the front lot
before and after the new gravel was delivered.
Take off the sludge and manure. Spreading the crusher run out. Makes a good solid foundation.
Riding on the 2nd day of spring???????
Got to be kiddin. Spring has sprung?????
Llama Alert!!!!!! Our barn cat, Pepper,
likes to ride.
Winter Wonderland!!!!!
The llamas are next door. Oh well, while up here, give me a ride!

Just let me keep my feet dry please....
It's a winter wonderland out here in the park!

Jasper was posing for the camera.
Cedar Lake Ride, Ouachita Mountains, Heavener, OK
We rode in the rain for hours. George and Bucket This is how you dry your stuff out...
HELP, I think we're lost!Help, we're lost!!!!! Rusty has the right idea. Rusty and his son, Tony.

Marsha and Ernesto
The girls at the Xtreme Trailhorse Challenge held at Lone Oak Ranch
Congratulations to Christine on receiving 4th place!
The girls had a great time!
Marsha & Jewell Marsha & Jewell Marsha & Jewell
Some Funnies
Need a Bath?
Chief decided it was just too
hot to ride that day.
But the old fella does like to run!!!!!  I'm talking about Erv.
Need to wring out the old T-shirt. It was a hot day; let's take a bath. Go fast...
New arrival! Who's your daddy?
New baby. Who's your daddy?  I bet it's me!!!!!!!
Lone Jack Parade - 17 riders - We ordered T-Shirts just for the fun day.
George & Dandy Smile!!!!!  Tracey&Penney, Jill&Dakota Diane and Bandit - Before the Parade
Retha, the VP/HR rep and Coal. Micaiah and Kashar Cindy had a slight accident at the beginning, but rode the PARADE!!!!!
Mark and Saihieb 17 of us rode in the Lone Jack Parade. Laura and Cruizin
Xmas dress up and riders taking advantage of a break in the weather!
Debbie & Mark dressing up for Xmas.Rusty & Drago ready to hit the trails. Good old Penney (30+ yrs of age) and is still pretty. January 2009 getting read to saddle up.We are ready to go.
Dragging the alley way. Clearing brush. Putting in gravel
around hay feeders.
Dragging the alley way. This cuts paths 5 feet wide. Hauling in the rock.Putting rock around the hay feeders.
Pine Grove Trip (Leslie, AR)
Taking a break. Some of the group playing in the creek. Lookout point.
Heading down the logging trail. Kelly taking a break. The swimming hole.
A scenic setting. Good trails along the bluff. Never know what you find hanging around.
Sunrise... George and Bucket. Retha and Coal.
Even Maggie likes to ride.The dog is having a good time. Rusty and Star posing for the camera. Sole food...drying out the tennis shoe.
This was a neat setting. Patty taking a break. The old dam, worth riding too.
Smithville Trip
Are we ready yet? Pam & Dandy Bobbi & Cody
Warren & Kelley, Sheila & Whizzo Kent & Sandra Nick, he doesn't board with us but likes to go on our outings.
Getting ready to fertilize the pastures and hayground. Vet Day Visit

Getting ready to go fertilize the pastures and hayground.
Open up Duke.
Getting ready to go full moon riding. Mother and daughter
enjoying the full moon.
Are we really going to do this? Having a good time.
Mingsville Trip
Coffee, coffee, coffee.... Holly, I got it. This is hard to do for a lefty.
Coffee, coffee, coffee..... I'm ready to go roping. I'm left-handed, how does this work?
Air conditioning at last!  Bob, our mechanic. Bob also has a Metal Fabrication Shop. Look at me, I'm the King
of the dog world!
June 17, 2007 - What a great Father's Day present. Bob - he can fix anything! A necessity on the farm. Even the dogs like to ride.
Getting the winter hair off and ready to go ride.
4-legged spring clean-up. I still like my grain. Getting the winter hair off.
The Shahan Family. The firefighter, nurse, paramedic and her daughter. Mary, the paramedic that is famous.
Enjoying the sunshine. cody6.jpg (9286 bytes) Out the gate.
Wait for me. Waiting on the other riders. Just about ready to go.
Spring outing to Eagles Ranch - 22 horses and many folks enjoyed the weekend!
Warren and Kelley are having fun. Holly and Apollo Patti and Gus
Napping after a full moon ride and posing for the camera.
Moonlight riding can be hard on you. Mark has been boarding with us for 10 years. Holly and Patti have been with us for over 5 years.
Our boarders help clear the trails.
Using a tree saw to cut away the eye pokers. Using a hand saw that is carried on horseback to clear the trail. Got to have good horses to clear trails.
Mounting Block Our boarders love this! Definitely works for me.
The mounting block was built by Bob Lance, 816-616-5884. We appreciate the mounting block. Great way to get on my horse.
We put up our own hay. A wooded setting. We fertilize yearly!
All hay ground is fertilized. Clearing more ground. We do not overgraze our pastures.  The herd is rotated.
How about a picnic? Saddle up. Where we going?
Taking a break. Are you ready yet? Follow me.
Swimming Are you sure about this? Kind of deep, don't ya think?
Let's go swimming! Erv, are you sure you want to do this? Hang on!
Winter Chores
Getting ready to feed. Splitting the bale. Filling the hay bunk.
Getting ready to feed. The big bales are split and fed into the bunks. The hay bunks were built by George.  We do feed some hay on the ground; however, during wet weather, this is where the herd eats.
Removing the string. This is tricky. Eating Healthy
How many boarding facilities remove the string? We would not recommend this to everyone. Eating healthy.
Hay storage Hay feeders Winter riding
Hay storage Hay is fed 1 to 3 times per day. Many of our boarders ride all year.
We have been in the boarding business 22 years. We are easy to find. Check out the pastures.