Smile everyone, it'll be over in a little while.

There were many horses that had abscesses on the inside of
their cheeks due to sharp teeth - they literally bit their own cheek.
Dr Huenefeld, Adrian, MO, 816-297-2006

I suppose... Open wide... Yo, this is rather uncomfortable.

Bandit - hurry up and get it over with.

Ready, set, go... Cody - hurry up....
Ernesto - going, going, gone.... Ernesto, was
about to crash.

Apollo, needed a
tooth extracted.

The onlookers below
were trying to
figure out what
was going on!

Apollo - pull that tooth please.

Bucket - I'm ready for anything.

The curious.....wonder what's going on? Apollo's tooth.

Bandit - Let's take a nap..  Apollo, sure glad this hitching post was here.

Ernesto - feet, don't fail me now! Jasper - isn't my blankie pretty?
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