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Sitter Downs recommends "Pure Diatomaceous Earth Products (Perma-Guard)" to kill ticks, fleas, and face flies on your horses, dogs and cats.  Farmers are also using this product in their corn bins.
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  • All natural product - no chemicals involved
  • Cost is reasonable
  • Kills ticks
  • Kills fleas
  • Kills flies (give your horse a powder bath)
  • Feed it directly to the animal
  • Spread it around in the barn to kill all hard shell insects
  • Use it on your cats and dogs

We have been using this product and have found it very effective against ticks, fleas and  flies.  We are currently feeding it to all of our horses by adding it to their feed and mineral salt.  When DE is ingested it passes thru the intestines, deposited in the stool and when flies land on the stool or lay eggs, it lacerates the body of the flies and kills the larvae.

If fed individually, add a cup of Perma-Guard to 2 lbs. of feed. The "official" directions are 2% of dry weight, or 1 cup daily. This regimen should allow your animal to become worm and parasite free. As the product is all natural, if per chance they are overfed, they will either not eat it, or eat it and pass it out. Which is one of the benefits of the product anyway. When they pass it out in their droppings, it kills the flies, or other insects that land on it. You can also use the product as a "dusting" mechanism by applying it to the animal directly and also dust your stalls/barn. It can be applied wet by mixing 1 or more cups of powder with water and applying by a pump sprayer (ensure you shake the sprayer frequently). Using this method, the powder will not be effective until it dries.

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Perma-guard is the trade name for Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is the skeletons of diatoms and are very sharp. When an insect comes in contact with DE their exo-skeleton is cut and death is by dehydration. There is no survival!

These products do not contain chlorinated organic phosphates, systemic poisons or compounds commonly found in most commercial insecticides. Perma-Guard is a revolution in the insecticide field.

Perma-Guard kills physically, by puncturing the insects exoskeleton, disrupting its soft waxy shell structure, chewing up its digestive organs and causing death in a short time by dehydration. In addition, the Pyrethrum and piperonly butoxide provide continued contact and residual.

These products are certain deaths to insects. Moreover, the products, applied dry, have a remarkable repellency factor. As long as it is present, insects tend to stay away. Also, the more it is used, an environment is being created that tends to make insects feel unwelcome.
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