Come and exercise with your horse.  Enjoy the scenery as well!

The alley way, which is called "The Green Mile" will give you and your horse exercise. 
Many of
our boarders cut across Pasture A - Hilltop instead of going down the alley way
to get their horse.

In some cases, some of our boarders' horse(s) will come to them when called, which
could start a stampede - it's fun to watch!!!! 

When one comes to the barn, the herd may follow. If you bring your horse up through
the alley way and the herd decides to come up, let your horse loose and let them fly by. 

Sitter Downs has 7 different pastures. Through the spring, summer and fall, the horses are brought up each day 4 to 6 hours. They are rotated to another pasture, 10 days to 2 weeks; depends on the pasture/weather. The pastures are then mowed and dragged. 

Some of the pastures are hayed (H&P) and then used for fall pasture. The herd is then brought up during the winter and put on a 10 acre dry lot.

All pastures are fertilized, mowed, brush hogged and reseeded.

Going down the alley way....

 Dandy, Badger and Chief.  They are let out first so they show the others which pasture to go too.   Jewell, the black and white mare, she is fast.  Scout, the bay with the white star lost an eye, but that doesn't keep him from scooting.  
 They are enjoying their run.  The dark bay is a Paso Fino.  He had never been in our pastures before.  Peppy, the 23 yr old paint gelding, has cancer, but is moving quick.

Ready set go, Raffin (age 24) and Gus, (25+).....get out of our way.

Let us out of here! And, we are off...
          Cisco, I'm out of here.                              Dakota, I'm strutting my stuff now....
Wait for me.  I can outrun all of you.
              Charlie just had a bath.                                      Everybody run....
I just had a bath and am drying off.  Let's exercise...


Keep going - way too much fun.  When are we going to quit?

Let's get down to business!!!!!

   Yep, taste pretty good!  Ok, time to stop.

Come ride Blue & Gray Park!         We are easy to find!