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CUSTOM QUALITY TRAILERS - Jim & Linda Lightner, Lone Jack, MO

LOOK OUT.........."WOMAN WITH A MACHETE"!!!!!.............

Morgan, a trail rider from CEDAR CREEK RANCH, enjoys trailblazing.
There are lots of new trails that have been bushwhacked!

Morgan & her trusty mare, Dee.

Jill, Rusty and Erv have boarded with us for several years.  We
do appreciate their business and they have alot of fun out here.

The crop fields have been harvested - a great time to get out and enjoy the park!

Rusty & Erv

Pam's niece and nephew wanted to have a "picnic" in the hay.

Picnic in the hay, 10-21-2011.

Sitter Downs hosted a campout at the organized campground on
September 30th and October 1st. "Two Women in a Kitchen",
(Nicole, 816-668-5508), catered a briskette dinner Sat evening
(food was great, cost was very reasonable, $7. We had over
60+ riders that rode throughout the day and enjoyed the weather. 
Some ladies from Red Hats and Purple Chaps, people from various
saddle clubs, neighbors, boarders and friends attended the fun. 

Have dinner will travel!   Lone Jack Saddle Club Members   Neat fire.

Good supper.  This is how you sell a horse.  Surprise birthday cake.

Clueless & Lark - The trail is this way - no the trail is that way!!!!

Lewis & Clark!

   Danielle & Mick at the Jackson County 4-H Show, 7-9-2011

Danielle & Mick - Her mother made the costume - Mick didn't have an issue with anything, good horse!!!!

    Swimming anyone? Heat index of 110 today, 7-11-2011.

Let's try to cool off!

    Beth, I'm styling now!     Scout - Don't let my disability fool you - I'm ready to go ride in the 2011 Lone Jack Parade.

   Mark, George & Michael at the Lone Jack Parade.

 Jan and Graycie       Pam and Cody      Bonnie and Mo  

 Summer Group Ride   Christine and Risk   Kodak moment for Rusty and Hell Bitch, as he calls her.   Mark and Saihieb at the Lone Jack Parade.

Michelle & Twister, a spring moment!    A summer setting.

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Our cat playing hide and seek.
Mick is being
taught to bow! 
Teaching "Mick" to bow.
I'll hide behind the tree
that way she won't see me!

2011RiskTree.jpg (17424 bytes)

       This is Erv & Chief. One of our other boarders played a
    prank on him, hung the "WANTED POSTERS" all over the park.
We have lots of laughs at Sitter Downs!

                  George & Retha

 George & Bucket at Pine Grove   George, the CEO - Ha.

     Retha, age 11 on Ranger.     

 Retha & Coal at Pine Grove

                       Winter Fun

  February Winter Riding!      Let's go play in the snow!!!!!

                                                                        We have been in the boarding business 21 years.